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Poitier Publishing Company

PPCo aims to represent diverse perspectives while appealing to a broad audience. By creating an environment where emerging writers can hone and perfect their talents, PPCo serves as a one-stop shop for new and established authors to catapult their platform.

Dr. Sherrie Poitier-Liscombe
As a family therapist, published author and entrepreneur, Dr. Sherrie started connecting with authors through her work at the Deliverance Center’s Poitier Wordsmith Academy, formed to empower and train young authors while providing essential skills for personal and professional growth. She created PPCo to bring those services to a broader group of clients.


To provide authors with an opportunity to live the dream of publishing their literary contribution to the world.


Poitier Publishing Company aims to be the go-to self-publishing company for authors interested in focusing on the trajectory of their writing projects. It is our vision to challenge up-and-coming as well as veteran writers to navigate the writing world with their own creative innovations and style.